Library Card

Adults (16 and over), must have a current Colorado Driver’s license/ID card and valid proof of current permanent address (such as utility bill, bank statement, etc. that is addressed to you) to obtain a library card. There is a two item checkout limit during a short “get acquainted” period. Patrons with children under the age of 5 may check out one additional item during the “get acquainted” period. After the 60 day period, adults may check out up to 25 items, with a limit of 10 audios or 5 videos.


Children (ages 5 – 15) may also get a library card. Their parent or legal guardian must be present when the child registers for a card and the parent or guardian must also have a library card with them (see above). Children also have a 60 day get acquainted period after which children may check out up to 15 items. Children are not able to check out DVDs or Video Games on their cards.

Picture of Brush library