Friends of the Library


A Friend of the Library values, supports and champions their public library.

Annual Dues

$5 – Individual Membership
$10 – Family Membership
$25 – Corporate Membership

2014 Officers

Amy Ely | President
Phyllis Woodward | Vice President
Judy Taylor | Secretary
Karen Chabot | Treasurer

Book Sales

The Friends of the Library hold used Book Sales at least 3 times a year in the Book Cellar (basement) at East Morgan County Library. Members of the Friends Organization enjoy the privilege of attending preview book sales!

The Friends also have a small book cart full of books beside the Activity Room. These books are for sale and proceeds go to the Friends of the Library.

The Friends Organization book sales and membership dues benefit the East Morgan County Library. Proceeds go toward library programming, book repair, supplies, library furnishings, book bags and many other needs.


The Friends of the Library hold their meetings 4 times a year: January, March, June and September. All members and prospective members of the Friends are welcome to attend.


The Friends would like to welcome you to not only become a Friend, but to volunteer. Come help with the book sales or attend a meeting. We welcome your suggestions on ways to improve East Morgan County Library.