Customize Your Reading List

Wow! Summer just flew by and fall is upon us. We had a great Summer Reading Program. 127 patrons turned in reading cards, which translates into over 5,000 hours of reading. Good job everyone.   Did you know you can keep on reading? The fall reading contest has been in full swing for almost a month now and will continue until the end of November 2015. Whether you are young or old, it is never too late to start reading and turn in reading cards.

Maybe you don’t know what to read, or maybe you just need a few suggestions. Then we have just the thing for you…a customized reading list. The first thing to do is fill out a survey on our website at Click the reading recommendations link and answer as many of the questions as you can. In a few days’ time you will be emailed a personal list of books to try. Once you return the books, let us know what you thought about them. Let us know when you are ready for a new list.

So, really there is no excuse for not reading. We have reading contests for all ages and even your very own customized reading list. Have fun reading everyone.

Looking for a Job?

The Library offers more than just books. For example we offer movies, games and even free Wi-Fi for patrons who are in the building or anywhere on the park area. The Wi-Fi is available in the park area 24 hours a day. But sometimes when a person is looking for a job, the computers are what you need. We have a few resources for you if you are looking or applying for a job. First of all, we can extend your two-45 minute computer sessions as long as other patrons are not waiting for a computer. Second, we have some links on our website to apply for or look for jobs. At the top of our webpage click on Services” then click on “Resources” and next “Employment Help”.

Another resource is a small company called Online Reputation Management. The website is built by a group of volunteers to create this free informational guide to assist people in managing their online reputation. The website has good information if you are a high school student, looking at or going to college, or just finding out for the first time that employers are looking at your online presence. The website describes what it means to have an online reputation, how to look for your online reputation, what colleges and employers may be looking for, and how you can use the online reputation to your advantage. I hope you will take the time to check out this website.

Clink on this link to check it out.

Online Reputation Management

New Teen Librarian

Welcome our new Teen Librarian

picture of Teen Librarian
Left to right
Tammy Bass, Christy Bellis, Julie Vannoy

As some of you may know, we have currently employed a new Teen Librarian: Tammy Bass. Tammy was born and raised on a farm north of Snyder for her 30 some years. She started her schooling at Prairie School in New Raymer, CO, but completed most of her secondary schooling and graduated from Brush High School. She worked as a CNA at Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center and helped provide care for some of the elderly around Morgan County. Some of her hobbies include reading her favorite genre of inspiration/suspense, youth group activities, and hanging out with her dog Sasha.

Tammy enjoyed taking care of the elderly, but wanted to do something else with her life as well and so she moved to Bolivar, MO to attend Southwest Baptist University and received her Bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry with a concentration in youth. She moved back to the Brush area and began working here at the East Morgan County Library in May of 2014.

During her time here at the library, Tammy learned how to shelve, work the front desk and perform many other tasks important to our “library world”. However, recently in April she became our new Teen Librarian. Laura McConnell was formerly our Children’s/Teen Librarian, but Tammy has bravely stepped into those shoes and has done a great job. Tammy has helped with the Summer Reading Program and has planned the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) activities this summer (which by the way, have been fun). The next TAG event will be in August. If you are interested in participating in TAG we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

So, when you come in, say “hi” to our new Teen Librarian.

Treats & Technology

Life was much easier when apples and blueberries were just fruits!   Now we have to know what whether to eat it or read it.   East Morgan County Library can help you with that!   Tuesday, May 19th we are hosting our Adult’s Only Programming entitled Treats and Technology.   You bring your technology questions; we provide some help and answers for your questions.   We will have 3 tech-savvy staff members that will be available to work with you on a one-to-one basis.  E-readers, notebooks, and phones are welcome. The non-techie staff member will man the desk and make a treat for you! For more information, contact the library at 842-4596.ipad dear picture

Thank you Deb

Deb Johnson has now Deb pictureofficially retired from the East Morgan County Library after 24 years. In those 24 years Deb served as a clerk, then the assistant director and then as the director. I only knew her as my director. I started working 3 years ago when she hired me as a clerk. The past 3 years, Deb has been kind, encouraging and a great example of a good leader. She always took time to help and to listen and put a lot of effort into hiring and training the wonderful crew we have working here now. The library to her was a place of community and information and her leadership saw us through some major changes. From going from card catalogs to computer automation, to the campaign for the mill levy increase which allowed the library to remain open and expand its offerings to the community, to the addition to the library in 2010, to adding electronic books to our collection, to the most recent Carnegie updates – she has always looked toward the future of the library and tried to make it a welcoming, informational and social place for people to visit in Brush. All of these things and more she worked on while taking the time to help patrons and staff and still complete regular “library business.”

When Deb had her accident last October, because of her leadership skills, we were able to continue with library business. We missed her, of course, but she had done such a good job showing us what to do before, we were able to carry on. Now, as May approaches we are carrying on. Deb has done a wonderful job training Laura McConnell who is taking her place as our fearless leader.

Deb will be missed greatly, not only by us as staff but by those in the community and even by other directors in the northern part of the state. Deb will still be around the library for a few months here and there because she has so kindly taken on helping direct the finishing of the Carnegie remodel. We will be having a “going away party” sometime this summer when the Carnegie room is completed. So, if you see Deb around be sure to thank her for being a part of the East Morgan County Library history since 1991.

If you want to send retirement cards or well wishes to Deb, you may send them to or drop them off at the library and we will collect them all and give them to her at her retirement party!

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