National Library Card Month

Library Card replacement

Did you know September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month? The American Library Association named September with this title to remind parents that a library card is the most important school supply a child can have! What is so important about a library card? At the East Morgan County Library, with parent permission, a child over eight may get on the computers with their library card. If they need to work on homework or just want to play games, they can access our computers for free. Of course, there are thousands of books to choose from that a person can check out with a library card. The East Morgan County Library also provides free Wi-Fi (wireless internet) in the library and throughout the park. Anyone 16 years and older with a library card may check out video games and movies. Do you have an electronic device such as a smart phone, tablet, or iPod? Did you know you can download books to your devices with your library card? You can download audio books to listen to in the car or through your headphones. You can also download eBooks to read on your smart phone, tablet, or e-reader.

Do you know what is best about having your own library card? All of these services and items are free – no charge to you! If you need to FAX or print something at the East Morgan County Library, there is a small fee. If you keep your items too long without renewing them, there might be a small fee. But, to check out our items or use our services, there is no charge to you! If you download audio or eBooks with your library card, you don’t even have to leave the comforts of your own home! Stop by the library this month to get your or your children a library card. If you have lost your card, the cost is usually $2.00 to replace it. However, all overdue fines and card replacement charges are forgiven for the month of September. Stop by the East Morgan County Library to see what we can do for you!


Summer Reading Program-Grand Finale

The Fizz, Boom, Read Summer Reading Program of 2014 is coming to an end.  We enjoyed programs, reading and fun.  The reading part of the Summer Reading Program is still going on, so continue to turn in those reading cards.  Here are some pictures from the last 2 programs we hosted here at the Library.  Enjoy.

Travis-we miss you

Travis Crampton pictureWe at the East Morgan County Library have said goodbye to our Clerk, Travis Crampton.  Travis graduated from Brush High School in May and is starting his new adventures at Muskinghum University in New Concord, Ohio.  We know he will be successful in this new adventure.

Travis starting working at the Library in 2011 as a Shelver. He then moved up in “library world” to a Clerk in 2013. He did a wonderful job in both positions, but as a clerk he had the opportunity to influence the other students with his vast knowledge of the library’s collection.  He loved books and was an avid reader.  There were so many times he would be working with us at the front desk, see a Dr. Seuss book, pull it open and show us that you can “rap” any Seuss book.  Travis was also like a kid at Christmas time when his favorite books came in.  After he read them, he would tell you all about the plot, characters, and setting and even made great recommendations to patrons.  His broad range of genres and his enthusiastic endorsements made reading sound exciting to the kids.  He would be even more excited if he found you were interested in the same type of books he was, and was always eager to engage in discussion and share fun facts or thoughts about what he read.

We are going to miss other things about Travis.  His love and enthusiasm for music was contagious.  When you visit with him, you can’t help but be excited about music as well.  He uses this talent in many areas, including being a wonderful addition to the Community Band in Fort Morgan.  But we especially enjoyed when he played his guitar for the Summer Reading Program Kick-off this year.

You don’t often meet kids that are interested in their family history, but he was passionate about it.  During his last week at the library, he had Karen showing him how to look up more of his family genealogy.  He was so excited about the things he found out and was eager to share them with us.

We miss Travis, but wish him the best of luck and we know he has a bright future ahead of him.

EMCL staff


The Big Bubble Circus

The Big Bubble Circus came to Brush, CO on July 9, 2014. A good time was had by all from young babies under 1 years old to residents from Eben Ezer. There was a lot of laughter and “oohhs” and “ahhs” heard throughout the program. Thank you to everyone who joined us. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures that were taken.

Summer Reading Programs Continue

The Summer Reading Programs are going great.  Wednesday, June 11th and 18th the Morgan Extension Office hosted our Summer Reading Program.  Janice Dixon and Rich Guggenheim  showed the kids how to draw topographical maps.  On the 18th Janice Dixon showed the kids how to make helicopters and kites out of card stock.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Thank you to all who helped and participated.  Enjoy the pictures taken from the programs.



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