Second Chance Books

What is your first memorable experience with a book?

Woman reading a bookI remember mine vividly. Reading was always something I enjoyed, but my first memory of reading was sitting in a rocking chair by my open bedroom window; the breeze blowing my white curtains, cooling me off from the summer heat. On my face, I wore my “reading glasses,” which were just kid sunglasses with the dark lens popped out. I don’t remember my exact age, probably around 7 or 8 – and the book I was reading was “Little House in the Big Woods” by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

These were favorite books of mine, revisited several times throughout my childhood, and enjoyed each time I read them. Even as an adult, they still hold a special spot on my bookshelf and in my heart.

Growing up, books were my comfort, my entertainment, my friend. So one of the hardest things I do at my job at the library is to take books off the shelf, and try to decide what we are going to keep, and what will be taken down to the book sale to sell.

Some books are easier than others – pages falling out, poor condition…these have had a full life and been read by many. Others can be trickier. So what do we do with those books that have just gotten lost in the stacks? The books that just need us to put on our reading glasses and give them a second chance?

Well, at the library, we put them on our “Last Chance” display. If you stop in, right to the left of the door, the display area there has a selection of books that you could help save.

If you take one and you enjoy it, let us know. We want to know that it mattered to you. You might not enjoy it as much as your first book, but you gave it a second chance and maybe someone else will too.